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On the WTA Tour this week, the Hua Hin World Tennis Invitational live, which is going to feature some of the amazing players from the WTA Tour starting on December 29th, including the World Number One Player, Victoria Azarenka, against the current number three, American Serena Williams. Serena Williams just finished beating Maria Sharapovath at Centennial Park for the New Year. in the WTA Championships on Sunday, 6-4-6-3 which ended the season for the WTA Tour. This tournament will start on the 29


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This will be the second tennis Exhibition match in Australia for Victoria Azarenka. Last year, it was Carolina Wozniacki who was the number one player in the world, but Victoria Azarenka beat her and then went on to grab her first Major title in Melbourne, Australia. Both Azarenka and Williams have been major players in women's tennis here in the past as well as in other tournaments around the world. Williams has 45 singles titles and 15 Grand Slam titles as well as 12 double Grand Slams. Azarenka has 14 titles.


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Posted: 28th December 2012

WTA Tour Hua Hin World Tennis Invitational Live

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