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Tommy Robredo will be squaring off against Roger Federer once again in a Grand Slam and this time in the green grass of The Championships, Wimbledon, 2014.


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Earlier, Tommy Robredo continued to exist after winning a five set epic encounter to abolish Jerzy Janowicz and move into the 4th round to face the 17 time Grand Slam Champion.


This is the very first time that Tommy Robredo has managed to reach the 4th round of Wimbledon but that definitely shouldn’t come as a bolt from the blue for the tennis fraternity considering the way Tommy Robredo’s been hitting the ball in this tournament.


On the other hand, Roger Federer swept away his first 3 opponents in quite a usual fashion and demolished them easily. Winning his first 9 sets of the tournament will do a world of good to Roger Federer, who at 32, won’t quite be the same which he used to be a few years back. Roger Federer’s been looking in good form and is eliminating the errors to destroy opposition of his last match in less than a hour and a half.


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The only morale booster for Tommy Robredo is that Roger Federer has been stunned in 4th round in his two of his last three matches. All in all, it looks to be quite a contest on the cards.


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Posted: 1st July 2014

Wimbledon Tommy Robredo v Roger Federer Live

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