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For most people, including me, watching tennis is something of a habit. I love turning on the TV at the scheduled time and putting on a sports channel just in time to see the start of a match, and to watch it till the very end. Watching tennis is as much of a part of their life as breakfast and lunch are for you. 


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Therefore, you can imagine the excitement when the time came to the US Open World Tournament 2013. And the excitement only increases as you think about the upcoming match between the world famous champion of tennis, Rafael Nadal, and the Brazilian tennis pro Rogerio Dutra Silva.


Both these people are men of caliber. Nadal has won several men’s singles tournaments, and has broken several world records as well. Rogerio Dutra Silva is a relatively new player in tennis, and is not near as popular as Nadal is. 


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However, he is not to be underestimated, since both he and Nadal are have passed the first round, and is now in a “qualifier” round, meaning the one who will win pass on, and the other will be eliminated. Now let see who’s effort takes it to the glory.


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Posted: 29th August 2013

US Open Rogerio Dutra Silva v Rafael Nadal Live

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