Will This Be Andy Roddick Last Wimbledon

Andy Roddick

Andy Roddick is not saying whether he will be playing in another Wimbledon Championship in the future. He lost to David Ferrer in the third round after four sets, and he has been a finalist at Wimbledon no less than three times. Roddick blew the crowd a kiss after he lost to Ferrer and left the court. He was very direct when he was asked if he could give a definitive answer simply saying “No”. He went on to say that he understands that it is what journalists were supposed to do, but that he didn't have an answer for it. Of course, it depends entirely upon his health, as Andy Roddick has been very vocal about playing for at least a couple of years if his health improves. He will be playing at the London Olympics, a grass court tournament at this same venue and he was able to win at Eastbourne just before Wimbledon.


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He did say that he felt better coming out of the Wimbledon tournament than he had in a long time, meaning that tournaments that he has played this year. He said that he will stay if he can maintain that same form that he has been.


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Posted: 1st July 2012

News Will This Be Andy Roddick Last Wimbledon

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