Serena Williams Says The WTA Wants Her On The Court Dead or Alive

Serena WilliamsIn the most recent of a string of controversial public comments lately, Serena Williams criticized the WTA's policy on minimum required matches saying that it “doesn't matter if you're injured, if you're dead or if you're alive. If you don't play they're going to fine you heavily. I have to play whether I am injured or not.”


The comment comes after Williams lost a first round competition last month at an event in Marbella last month. She also lost the Miami Final four days previous to that, with an injured thigh. The WTA's new policy, which was instituted in January, says that it requires the top ten players to compete in a minimum of 10 of 20 upper level Premier Events, plus the four Grand Slam events.


Another high profile injured player, Maria Sharapova has been suffering from a shoulder injury since 2007, and hasn't competed in a pro singles match since August. The injury required arthoscopic surgery and several months of rehabilitation, which could easily account for her non-participation and slipping to number 65th world ranking. However, some speculators say that Sharapova's absence is due to her recent dating of Charlie Ebersol, whose father is the man behind the popular Saturday Night Live.


Williams has her own off-court interests, acting in several television programs including My Wife and Kids, The Simpsons, Law and Order: SVU, and ER, besides being active in the world of fashion and participating in charity events.


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Posted: 12th May 2009

News Serena Williams Says The WTA Wants Her On The Court Dead or Alive

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