Kuznetsova Wins Porsche, Trounces Safina

Dinara Safina

Number one just two weeks ago Dinara Safina lost to Svetlana Kuznetsova on Sunday. Safina was the runner-up at the Australian Open, but lost to Kuznetsova 4-6, 3-6 in Stuttgart, Germany, allowing Kuznetsova to win the Porsche Grand Prix and take home her first WTA title win since 2007.


Kuznetsova won the 2004 U.S. Open in 2004 but hasn't had a WTA title for nearly two years. She's now ranked number nine and had an aggressive, energetic game winning on third match point with a ferocious overhead smash at the all Russian match.


 “It's been a while. It's great to be here and win,” Kuznetsova said.


The first prize was a white Porsche convertible that Kuznetsova wasted no time test driving, taking a spin on the court right after the match. After driving the car she said, “It was a bit scary, but I will definitely keep it. It's special.”


Safina, it seemed, just couldn't break Kuznetsova's energetic tactics at the indoor clay event at Stuttgart. 


“She played very well and I didn’t feel very well today,” Safina said. “But I am still No. 1.”


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Posted: 4th May 2009

News Kuznetsova Wins Porsche, Trounces Safina

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