Another Title To End The Season For Rafael Nadal

Rafael NadalWell 2009 ends for the professional tennis season and Rafael Nadal ends up with another title after four losses in a row. This win was worth something however, as the Davis Cup final was not only for Nadal, but for all of Spain. Nadal played on indoor clay against Tomas Berdych with a best of five and then had it in two sets with Jan Hajek, with finals of 6-3, 6-4. That helped Spain take the victory at Palau Sant Jordi with a 5-0 score over the Czech Republic in this 2009 Davis Cup. Nadal was responsible for two of those five.


Nadal said that he was happy to finish the 2nd half of the season this way, especially with the knee injuries that he has been suffering over the past few months. He won in May at Rome and was number one at the time, but since has moved down to the number two spot. He is one player who comes to the court and gives a hundred and ten every time and this season just seemed to catch up with his body, and was showing signs of slowing, such as the knee injures that he suffered. It all seemed to begin in a match against Novak Djokovic at the Madrid Masters.


That isn't the only injury that Nadal has sustained this year. He also had a stomach injury and being on the road, playing all the time didn't give him much time to heal from his injuries. The Madrid tournament saw him win the semi-final over Djokovic but then went on to lose in the final to Roger Federer at Madrid. He also only made it to the fourth round in the French Open, which he had taken the victory in over the past four years. He only got to make it to one more final, the one in Shanghai, but he was happy with a second Davis Cup victory.


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Posted: 8th December 2009

News Another Title To End The Season For Rafael Nadal

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