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This is the first year for the ATP Challenger Tour to be called by its current name, having borne the moniker the ATP Challenger Series until the very end of last year. This series of professional men's tennis tournaments allows players to earn ranking points and move into a higher level of ATP Tournaments such as the ATP 250 Series, into one of the main or qualifying draws. This series is overseen by the ATP or Association of Tennis Professionals, and you can catch all of the ATP Tournaments, not such the Challenger Tour series, but also the ATP 250, and Masters series tournament right here on


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1978 is when the Challenger Tour officially started, albeit a little different format than it is today. The first year there were eighteen events, with two held the first week in January. The first event was in Auckland and then in Hobart, and other locations included Birmingham, Asheville, Raleight, Shreveport, Virginia Beach, New Jersey, Cape Cod and Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This was a very short schedule compared to last year's event calendar which listed 178 events that were played across the globe in more than forty countries.


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These days the players compete for prizes that are from $25,000 to $150,000 and some tournaments provide food and lodging to the players, and those two factors decide how many points a player can earn from winning a match. The regular ATP level tournaments offer prize money ranging from $400,000 to up to $6 Million dollars. If you'd like to watch live streaming video of the ATP Challenger events as the newest and freshest talent in professional tennis take to the courts to earn ranking points and make their way up the ladder to squeeze their way into regular ATP level tournaments, then you just need to get your membership at the banners on this page. You'll have access to our exclusive member's area where you can watch these tournaments live from the comfort of your PC or Laptop. Don't miss the 2009-2010 Season of ATP Challenger Tour series.


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Posted: 29th September 2009

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