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Challenger Santiago Live
The ATP Challenger Tour continues this week, with Santiago Challenger being the next tournament on the list. Let us take a look at some of the pl...
6th March 2017
Challenger Curitiba Live
The Aberto Da Parana De Tenis Challenger in Curitiba, Brazil will be played this week. Some of the promising and rising stars will be competing t...
29th August 2016
Challenger Manerbio Live
The Challenger event in Manerbio, Italy is the only tournament on the circuit this week. Let us take a look at some of the youngsters who may end...
22nd August 2016
Challenger Caltanissetta Live
The 2016 French Open and all the Clay ATP might have come and gone, but some players remain on the clay courts in the ATP Challenger Tour. Citta ...
6th June 2016
Challenger Sao Paulo Live
Just like the TAC Cup, the Sao Paulo Challenger De Tennis will also offer a $50.000 total prize money to its competitors. The tournament is held ...
18th April 2016
Challenger Tanger Live
The Morocco Tennis Tour will see the first tournament of the year played at Tanger as a part of the ATP Challenger Tour, being played 2008. The t...
17th June 2013
Challenger Marbella Live
There are four tournaments on the ATP Challenger Tour this week. One of them is going to be in Marbella, Spain as a clay court tournament played ...
12th November 2012
Challenger Porto Allegre Live
On the ATP Challenger Tour this week, the ATP Challenger Porto Allegre, which is played in Brazil, on clay courts for $35,000. This is one of thr...
22nd October 2012

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