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Challenger Sao Paulo Live
Just like the TAC Cup, the Sao Paulo Challenger De Tennis will also offer a $50.000 total prize money to its competitors. The tournament is held ...
18th April 2016
Challenger Bogota Live
The Milo Open is an annual clay court Challenger level tournament held in Milo, Bogota. This year's event will be the 10th edition in to...
2nd November 2015
Challenger Pereira Live
Held in Cali, Colombia, the Seguros Bolivar Open Cali is a South American outdoor clay court tournament. With its $50,000 total prize money, the ...
28th September 2015
Challenger Barranquilla Live
The Seguros Bolivar Open is an annual outdoor clay court tournament held in Barranquilla, Colombia. The reigning champion of the event is Pablo C...
8th September 2015
Challenger Rio Quente Live
The ATP Challenger Tour will be playing in Rio Quente, Brazil this week, one of five challenger tournaments that are scheduled to be held. This o...
7th May 2012
Challenger Blumenau Live
On the ATP Challenger Tour this week, four major tournaments are to be played ranging from $35,000 to $50,000. One of the $35,000 events will be ...
9th April 2012
Chile v Italy Live
The Davis Cup will be playing next week from September 16th to the 18th. Chile and Italy will be playing in the Davis Cup playoffs. These two tea...
16th September 2011
Challenger Sao Paolo Live
The ATP Challenger Tour goes to Sao Paolo, Brazil, for a tournament this week, the Aberto de Sao Paulo Live followed by the Internationaux de Nou...
4th January 2011

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