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Hobart International Live
The Hobart International is the last WTA Tournament to be played before the Australian Open. Let us take a look at some of the players. ...
8th January 2017
Zhuhai Live
The WTA Finals may be over, but the action on the tour still continues, with the WTA Elite Zhuhai set to commence from November 1. The tournament...
1st November 2016
Guangzhou Live
Guangzhou International Women's Open is back with yet another installment, with the action starting on Monday. Jelena Jankovic is the de...
19th September 2016
Florianopolis Live
The Olympics are set to start this weekend, and the players have got themselves a final chance to practice before the big event in Florainopolis....
31st July 2016
Nottingham Live
The Aegon Open WTA Tournament is an outdoor grass court event which was one of the major beneficiaries of the extension of the WTA Tour. This yea...
6th June 2016
Shenzhen Live
The Shenzhen Open is an outdoor hard court tournament played annually in Shenzhen, China. Being the fourth edition of the tournament, the Open is...
3rd January 2016
Bucharest Live
The 2015 BRD Bucharest Open will take place this week and will feature many promising stars, competing in the tournament. The top seed h...
13th July 2015
Copenhagen Live
On the WTA Tour this week, the e-Boks Open will be held indoors on hard courts for $220,000 with a singles draw of 32 and a doubles draw of 16. T...
9th April 2012

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