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Challenger Santiago Live
The ATP Challenger Tour continues this week, with Santiago Challenger being the next tournament on the list. Let us take a look at some of the pl...
6th March 2017
Challenger Medellin Live
Some of the emerging and bright South American players will be participating in the Claro Open this week, in Medellin, Colombia. Victor ...
26th September 2016
Challenger Milan Live
The 2016 Aspria Tennis Cup is a clay court event on the ATP Challenger Tour, which is played in the Harbour Club Milano, in Milan, Italy. This ye...
20th June 2016
Challenger Caltanissetta Live
The 2016 French Open and all the Clay ATP might have come and gone, but some players remain on the clay courts in the ATP Challenger Tour. Citta ...
6th June 2016
Challenger Sao Paulo Live
Just like the TAC Cup, the Sao Paulo Challenger De Tennis will also offer a $50.000 total prize money to its competitors. The tournament is held ...
18th April 2016
Challenger Pereira Live
Held in Cali, Colombia, the Seguros Bolivar Open Cali is a South American outdoor clay court tournament. With its $50,000 total prize money, the ...
28th September 2015
Challenger Scheveningen Live
The 2015 edition of the Sport 1 Open will be played in Scheveningen, Netherlands this week, with many promising players participating in the tour...
20th July 2015
Challenger San Marino Live
The 2014 ATP Challenger Tour makes its next stop at the City of San Marino, for a span of seven days, starting from the 4th of August and ending ...
4th August 2014

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