Refund Policy.

If you fail to be satisfied with our services, then we may, at our discretion, issue you a refund in certain circumstances. However, before we issue any sort of a refund, we will try very hard to solve your problem or concern, because we very much want to keep you as a customer and the problem that you are experiencing may be something simple that we can fix for you. If there is no way to solve the problem to your satisfaction, then we will issue a refund if the following criteria are met completely.

First, that we have already attempted to solve your problem. If you haven't heard from us after submitting your problem, please be patient as we may be working on it right at this very moment. If we find that we cannot solve your problem successfully, then there could be cause to refund you part or all of your subscription price.

Secondly, your account must not have been used by more than one person. We use IP address identification to determine this. While we are happy to allow you to connect from anywhere, we have specific algorithms that check our accounts to make sure that more than one person is not using the account. To protect our customers, we only allow one user per account, and sharing accounts can result in termination of said account without refund.

Third, that your refund request is not related to the fact that you are attempting to use the service on a Macintosh computer. Mac users should always check to make sure that software or web programs are compatible and we state very clearly in the terms that our service may only be used by persons that are on a Personal Computer (PC).

Fourth, you must have renewed your subscription at least one time. Due to the nature of our service, once you have obtained access to the service, we cannot offer a refund, unless you have renewed your subscription at least once. This is to prevent those who wish to access our member's area and then ask for a refund immediately after accessing the service from doing so. We will refund a subscription that has been renewed at least once however, as long as that account meets with the other criteria listed here.

We will of course issue refunds for those accounts that were accidentally charged twice, or were charged a different amount than stated in the subscription. In cases like this, there is no question of whether or not we will issue a refund, unless your account has been flagged for fraud.

We do our best to provide a quality service at the lowest price possible, and we hope that every customer we have is happy with our service. For those who are not, we will attempt to solve the issue, or refund your subscription, if you meet with the above criteria. If you have any questions, you may use the form to contact us.

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