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Second seeded Maria Sharapova will be up against third seeded Victoria Azarenka in the first women's semi-final at the French Open 2013.


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It is expected to be a cracker of a match given how well the two have played before this. Sharapova has had a good tournament but she did struggle in her quarter-final against former world number one Jelena Jankovic. She went down in the first set 6-0 before recovering sufficiently to win the match and make it to the semi-finals.


On the other hand, Azarenka did not break into much of a sweat when she won her quarter-final against Maria Kirilenko. She was stretched to a tie-breaker in the first set but after that it was easy going against the other Russian, Kirilenko.


It won't be too easy for her in the semi-final though. For one she struggles on clay court surfaces and has yet to play an opponent this big. Secondly, there's her poor record against Sharapova on clay despite leading her overall 7-5 in the head-to-head.


What the two of them will want is an easy victory given that the final could be against the American Serena Williams but given how closely the two of them are matched it does not look likely it will not go the distance.


Sharapova will be the favourite here, however, Azarenka has a tendency to explode hard and quickly at the opponent and things could get difficult.


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What the fans will also be interested in watching is their grunts' decibel levels. Yep, both Sharapova and Azarenka are known to go all guns blazing at each other in terms of their grunting and things could get out of hand here.


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Posted: 6th June 2013

French Open Victoria Azarenka v Maria Sharapova Live

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