Victoria Azarenka v Dinah Pfizenmaier Live

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On the fourth day of play for this year's French Open, we have two great tennis players going head to had on the ladies side. They will play for the second round of the women's singles at 11:00AM at the Court Philippe Chatrier on Day Four, which is Wednesday, May 30th. This match will be between number one seed for this event, Victoria Azarenka and German tennis player Dinah Pfizenmaier. Also playing on this court at 11:00AM, a second round men's singles match between Roger Federer and Adrian Ungur.


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In the first round, Victoria Azarenka beat Italian player Alberta Brianti to get to the second round. She has played in six French Open tournaments before, but in the singles she has only been able to make it the quarterfinals, even though she was a finalist in the doubles. As for Dinah Pfizenmaier, she got here by beating Monica Puig in the first round. This is the first time that she has entered in the French Open, and she is entered in both the Women's Singles Competition and the Women's Qualifying Singles Competition.


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Posted: 30th May 2012

French Open Victoria Azarenka v Dinah Pfizenmaier Live

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