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The Fed Cup will start out its season with the first round matchups where the world's currently best eight teams will compete for the four semifinal places.


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The four pairings will be Romania v Czech Republic, Germany v Switzerland, France v Italy and Russia v Netherlands. The seeded teams were the Czechs, Germans, Italians and Russians, but out of these four the Czech Republic and Italy will have to earn the victory on foreign soil. The choice of ground went to Romania, Germany, France and Russia. The reigning Fed Cup winner is the Czech Republic who not only won the last two trophies but four out of the last five as well, making them the far and away biggest favorite to win and complete the three-peat. With that said, Romania with Halep could turn out to be a dangerous opponent, especially with them being able to select the venue which will probably a stadium with a clay court.


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Petra Kvitova is an excellent hard court and grass player (two-time Wimbledon champion) and although she is proficient on the dust, not nearly as well versed there than on quicker surfaces.


Posted: 14th April 2014


2014 Fed Cup or 2014 Fed Cup by BNP Paribas is a famous Women Tournament played between the national womens tennis team. Semifinal of the tournament will be played from 14th of April till 20th of the same month. This tournament has been started from 8th Feb. and the final will be played on 8-9 of November. 


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The participating countries this year include Czech Republic, Australia, Italy, Germany, Russia, Slovakia, United States and Spain


First semifinal will be played between Czech Republic and Italy at hard (indoors) in C(EZ Aréna, Ostrava in Czech Republic. The second semifinal will be played between Germany and Australia at Pat Rafter Arena, Brisbane, Australia. 


Last year, 3 time champions Italy beaten the 4th seeded Russia and won the Fed Cup BNP Paribas title for the 4th time. 2013 final was played at Tennis Club Cagliari in Cagliari Italy. However, this year Italy and Russia couldn’t make to the semifinals unfortunately.


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Anyways fingers crossed for the best ever matches that are going to be showcased between 14-20th of April. Tickets are available all over internet and at other brick and mortar tennis platforms. You can book your ticket online through official WTA website as well.


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Posted: 6th February 2016

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