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How often is it that you have a tournament that is held in countries like Taiwan, who have not really been in the run for the biggest Tennis championships? This is one proof that the ATP has taken an initiative to promote the sport in every place of the world. Thus, this Taipei Challenger Tournament is being held in Taiwan from the 28th of April.


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It will be played on Carpet courts. For those of you who are unaware, a Carpet court is one that is removable and is essentially artificial turf. This type of court is a pretty fast surface, faster than a hard court, and also has low bounce. It had been discontinued since 2009 and is now apparently being seen again.


Taipei is Taiwan’s capital city, so you can expect that Taiwan will be giving it their all to be able to show off a good reputation to the world. Moreover, this will also have prize money of 75,000 Euros, which is pretty good prize money for a tournament like this.


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It can be said that the while the competition will not be from amongst the top in the World, talented tennis players will come here in order to take full advantage of this opportunity.


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Posted: 28th April 2014

ATP Tour Challenger Taipei Live

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