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Just like the TAC Cup, the Sao Paulo Challenger De Tennis will also offer a $50.000 total prize money to its competitors. The tournament is held annually in Sau Paulo, Brazil. A clay court tournament, it regularly brings in the best Challenger talent South America can offer.


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While it's true that the very best players usually compete in Barcelona or Bucharest, you can almost always find ATP level talent in the Sau Paulo main draw thanks to a variety of reasons (lack of traveling for South American players being the main one). The reigning champion of the event is Guido Pella. The Argentine chose not to defend his title because he is actually playing in Bucharest, in fact he already won a match there likely proving that he made a solid decision by skipping this Challenger event for the chances of catching a bigger fish. In his absence the tournament's level will not be nearly as high. The highest seeded player will be the Brazilian Andre Ghem who is currently the 163rd player in the world.


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The other seeds will include his compatriots Joao Souza, Guilherme Clezar and Thiago Monteiro, followed by Gonzalo Lama, Marcelo Arevalo, Christian Lindell and Maximiliano Estevez. The main favorites are the Brazilians.


Posted: 5th October 2015


The Sao Paulo Challenger De Tenis is an outdoor clay court tournament held annually in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Being in the calendar since 2013, the event is a fairly new competition, trying to lure in top 100 talent.


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That has happened on occasion in the past and it will happen again this year with two players representing that somewhat elite group. World number 77 Diego Schwartzman will be the top seed, followed by his compatriot, world number 94 and second seed Guido Pella. With its $50,000 total prize money the Sao Paulo Challenger offers a good opportunity to these players to earn some money and climb the rankings a little bit in the process. Since this year's competition will only be the third edition in tournament history, we cannot really talk about traditions just yet, but as any other South American tournament the Sao Paulo Challenger has also been dominated by players from South America. The first champion was Colombian Alejandro Gonzalez while last year it was Rogerio Dutra Silva s turn to go all the way. Blaz Rola s final appearance in 2014 was somewhat of a surprise but he will be the second seed this year, which means that he could be the first non-South American winner.


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If not him, fourth seed Chase Buchanan could certainly have a chance as well, although the main favorites are definitely the Argies.


Posted: 19th November 2014


ATP Challenger Tour Final is a tournament going to be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is one of the most famous tournaments. It is awaited every year by the Lovers of the game of Tennis and is going to strated from 17th of this month.


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This is going to be played on hard clay courts. This tournament succeeds every year in attracting a great crowd to the stadiums. This tournament every year is sponsored by big names. This tournament is worth the prize money of 220,000 Dollars. This event is based on the round robbin format. Famous and talented players from all parts of the world are taking part in this event. Players like Simone Bolelli, Argentinian Maximo Gonzalez, Diego Schwartzman, Austrain Andreas Haider Maurer take part in this tournament. Presence of such big and famous names is a big deal for the young players who are trying hard to make their name in the world of tennis. 


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This will not only give happiness to lie alongside such players but also will boost the confidence of these young Players. There is a big expectation from the Brazilians players like Joao Souza as they are playing on their home soil. The natives are expecting them to win the tournament in front of their own crowd.


Posted: 14th April 2014


It is another famous tennis tournament scheduled on 14th of April to 20th of the same month. It is organized in Sao Paulo, Brazil and will be played on clay courts.


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This tournament is in vogue since 2012 and is an integral part of ATP Challenger Tour since then, every year a gigantic tournament is arranged for tennis lovers. This year this prestigious tour embraces huge prize money of $40,000 and famous tennis stars all over the world are taking part in it. In the year 2013, IS Open de Tennis was won by Chile player Paul Capdeville against Argentinean player Renzo Olivo. In 2012, title was grabbed by Slovenian player Blaž Kavc(ic( against Brazilian player Júlio Silva. In 2013 IS Open de Tennis doubles, Brazilian players Joao Souza and Marcelo Demoliner won the title against Pierre-Hugues Herbert of France and James Cerretani of United Sates. While in 2012, Chile’s player Paul Capdeville and Uruguay’s player Marcel Felder won the title against Brazilian player João Pedro Sorgi and André Ghem.


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Tickets are available online and hotlines are open 24*7. Book your tickets as soon as you can else you will miss the real fun this year.


Posted: 30th September 2013


Waiting for the extreme fun and nail biting matches? If yes then your wait is going to end on 30th September when ATP Challenger Tour would land the soil of Sao Paulo, Brazil.


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The unlimited entertainment and best matches have been played by the professional tennis stars all over the world. Now it’s the turn of Brazil to enjoy watching some of the best tennis to be played by the some of the very fine tennis stars of the world. The players will compete on clay court and will give their hearts out to win the matches as the field is going to be really strong since some very good professional tennis players are going to play. They will not only compete with each other for the descent and handsome prize money of $35,000 but also for the prestige that would be on stake for each one of them to win and ascertain their supremacy on the opponents and on the whole tournament.


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The tension along with excitement can be seen on the faces of the crowd as they support and pray for their players to win. Hence, some of the very daring matches are expected on this Monday.


Posted: 29th July 2013


Before this week, there were four Tennis Championships held in Sao Paulo, some were of a higher tier while some were of a lower tier. They were meant for all different types of players and different types of audiences. Sao Paulo in Brazil is one of the central places in the ATP Challenger Tour. This year there will be a 4th tournament played in that very city.


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That tournament is the São Paulo Challenger de Tênis which has total prize money of $50,000 and has both Singles and Doubles categories for Men. Much effort has been put into this tournament and that effort has so far brought forward a great tournament that one needs to look forward to. It will be played from 29th July to 4th August 2013 and is serving as a tournament for the lower ranked tennis players to prove themselves. The highest ranked tennis player in this tournament is Joao Souza of Brazil, the hosting country.


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The top 4 seeds include him, Paul Capdeville, Alejandro Gonzalez and Guido Andreozzi which are No. 122, 142, 160 and 177 respectively. If one wants to know of what talent will be coming up soon in the future, he should definitely watch this championship.


Posted: 31st December 2012


The ATP Challenger Tour will hold the first event of the 2013 season for the tournaments set up for the up and coming tennis stars of tomorrow. This event is going to be in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and it is a hard court tournament that is worth $125,000. There is another tour on the Challenger calender this week aas well, an event in Noumea, New Caledonia, also sharing the hard court status with a purse of $75,000. This event will happen from the 31st of December and then onto the the New Year with the final date the 6th of January.


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This event in Sao Paulo is officially called the Aberto de Sao Paulo or Sao Paulo Open and the top seed will be Horacio Zeballos, who is currently ranked at number 85 on the list. Martin Alund is the next seed, the number two, and he is currently ranked 121st. Rogerio Dutra Silva is the third seed right now and Thiago Alves will take the fourth spot, ranked 126th and 130th respectively. The fifth and sixth are Federico Delbonis and Gastao Elias. Joao Souza is the seventh seed and Guido Andreozzi is the number eight.


Posted: 27th November 2012


It has come to the end of the year for the ATP World Tour and that includes the ATP Challenger Tour, the tour where the tennis stars of tomorrow compete for points and money. This year, the tournament will be set in Brazil and it will be played on hard courts, for what will be a huge prize purse for the ATP Challenger Tour. $220,000 is up for grabs in this tournament, and there are some great players that are participating. It will be held from the 27th of November, 2012 to the 1st of December, in the beautiful city of Sao Paolo, Brazil.


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There are two groups of players that will be participating in the ATP Challenger Tour finals, and they are known by either, the Green Group, or Group A, and the Yellow Group, or Group B. The Green Group consists of  Thomaz Bellucci from Brazil, Ruben Ramirez Hidalgo from Spain, Adruan Ungur and Argentina's Guido Pella. The Yellow Group starts with Italy's Paolo Lorenzi, followed by Victor Hanescu and then Aljaz Bvedene who comes to us from the Slovak Republic and finally Gastao Elias from Portugal.


Posted: 23rd April 2012


The ATP Challenger Tour will be holding an event in Sao Paulo, Brazil this week, a clay court tournament worth $35,000 and happening on the up and coming tennis stars tournament, the ATP Challenger Tour. There are three other major challenger events happening this week as well. One of them in in Napoli, Italy, played on clay courts. Another happens in Savannah, Georgia. The official name of the ATP Challenger Sao Paulo is the IS Open de Tenis, and it will be held from the 23rd of April to the 28th.


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The top seed for the IS Open de Tenis is Blaz Kavcic, who currently holds a ranking of 104th. The second seed for this event is Paul Capdeville and Ricardo Mello takes third. Fourth seed in this event is Rogerio Dutra Silva and Thiago Alves will be the next seeded player. Martin Alund was supposed to be the sixth and the seventh and eight are Julio Silva and Carlos Salamanca. Don't miss live tennis from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is click on the links that you see on this page for instant access to high quality video from anywhere you live.


Posted: 16th November 2011


The ATP Challenger Tour will hold a $220,000 event this week in Sao Paulo, Brazil that will be the final match for this exciting tour. It will feature seven players, all of whom have qualified for the tournament and it happens from the 16th of November to the 20th at the Ibirapuera Gymnasium in Brazil. Besides the seven players that are in already, there will be one wild card player as well. The players and the wild card were announced on Wednesday, and this tournament is exciting because it has never been played before.


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The wildcard is the number one player from Brazil, Tomaz Bellucci and the rest of the tournament players include Rui Machado from Portugal, Andreas Beck from Germany and Slovak Republic's Martin Klizan. Also American player Bobby Reynolds will play along with Matthias Bachinger, Dudi Sela and Cedrik-Marcel Stebe. Sign up at the links on this page for your subscription to live tennis online from your computer or mobile device, anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection to watch live tennis online.


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