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The ATP Challenger Tour has for a long time now been a means for professional tennis players to work their way back into reckoning in preparation for the bigger events. One of these Challenger tournaments is the Sparta Prague Open 2016, taking place in the city of Prague, Czech Republic between the 6th and the 11th of June 2016.


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This will be the 19th edition of this clay court event, Jan Hernych has won the competition more times than anyone else, winning it on 3 occassions. The current holder is Slovakian Norbert Gombos. The top seeds at this year's event are Czech Republic's Lukas Rosol, Brazilian Rogerio Dutra Silva, French Stephane Robert, Slovakian Jozef Kovalik and Austrian Gerald Melzer. Looking at the draws, I expect the quarter finals games to be Lukas Rosol vs Adam Pavlasek, Jozef Kovalik vs Andrej Martin, Jurgen Zopp vs Stephane Robert and Gerald Melzer vs Rogerio Dutra Silva. Lukas Rosol should have too much for Jozef Kovalik in the semifinal, while I see the other game being Stephane Robert vs Rogerio Dutra Silva.


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This should set us up for a final between the two top seeds in the tournament, and in truth Lukas Rosol is a better and more rounded player than second seed Rogerio Dutra Silva. I hereby expect Lukas Rosol to emerge victorious in this tournament.


Posted: 10th August 2015


The 2015 Advantage Cars Prague Open is the 2nd edition of the tournament that s held in Prague, Czech Republic. The tourney is a clay court tournament which gives a chance to the specialists whose skills are suited for the surface, but not necessarily for the hard court.


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Being held at the end of the clay season, the Advantage Cars Open does not have an easy road towards becoming something bigger, but the organizers sure seem determined. While the €42,500 total prize money isn’t a whole lot even at the Challenger level, the team behind the tournament actually did an exemplary job of attracting quality players. There will be no less than six top 100 players in the main draw, which is quite frankly remarkable. What’s probably even more remarkable is the fact that out of those six players, three are actually members of the top 60.


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For such a new and small tournament this is huge, and one have to wonder if the players didn’t receive some kind of sponsorship. They either did or didn’t, but one thing is for sure, the main draw looks extremely promising even without reigning champion Diego Schwartzman. In the absence of the Argentine, the two main favorites of the event will be Albert Ramos Vinolas or Andreas Haider-Maurer.


Posted: 4th August 2014


Czech Republic welcome ATP Challenger Tour for the first time as the sport makes way to the clay courts of Prague for the opening edition of Advantage Cars Prague Open. Matches have been scheduled from the 4th of August to the 10th of the same month.


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About seven countries are known to participate in the tournament. Argentina’s Diego Sebastian Schwartzman is by far the strongest player, with his rank at world number 100. Russia sends in world number 107, Andrey Kuznetsov, and world number 211, Valery Rudnev. Poland has Przysiezny and Austria has Melzer, while Burquier will be playing for France. Ireland and Slovakia are also in the run for the trophy, with Sorenson representing the former and Mecir representing the latter. The venture is expected to be a great success, say the directors of the event. It will open up opportunities of the growth of tennis in Czech Republic, they further said. A handsome amount of 42,500 pounds has been set aside for the winner of this first edition.


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Tickets to the matches are being sold online and will also be available at the courts. The ticket bank has started depleting, and will continue to do so till the last match.


Posted: 9th June 2014


To be held between the 9th of June and the 8th of June, 2014, this tournament will be held in the capital city of Czech Republic, in Prague, in the Czech Lawn Tennis Club. The surface in this venue is an outdoor clay surface.


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This is perhaps one of the oldest tournaments which take place at this level, and has been taking place as a part of the Women’s Tennis Federation International Tour all the way since 1992, making this year’s tournament the 17th edition (It was interrupted between 1999 and 2005). But it is not only a part of the WTA International Tour, but is also a part of the Association of Tennis Professional’s Challenger Tour, and has been since 1996, making this tournament the 19th edition of the tournament to take place this year. The total prize for both the sections of this tournament is as follows; 50,000 Dollars for the WTA Tour and 42,500 Euros for the ATP Challenger Tour. It was initially to an ITF 50,000 Dollars tournament in 2011 till present due to financial reasons.


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Czech Republic is no stranger to Tennis Tournaments, with one held just last week in Prostejov, so we should be ready for a good tournament.


Posted: 10th June 2013


The 2013 Prague Open is an ATP Challenger Tournament that will be played in Prague, Czech Republic between 10 and 16 June 2013. This tournament will be played on the clay courts of Prague.


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Interestingly this is the first ever edition of the Prague Open 2013 Challengers tournament and will see the Austrian Andreas Haider Maurer enter the competition as the top seeded player. Haider-Maurer is ranked 105th in the world and will hope to justify his top billing by going the distance. Also taking part in the tournament is Italy’s Filippo Volandri who will be seeded second after being ranked 111th in the world. Just two spots behind him in the world rankings is Wayne Odesnik, from the USA, and he has been seeded three in the Prague Open 2013. Ruben Ramirez Hidalgo is the fourth seeded player from Spain and will hope to get himself up to the top 100 in order to qualify for the Wimbledon.


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Italy’s Matteo Viola is the fifth seed, while Daniel Muñoz de la Nava is the sixth seed who will take court. Oleksandr Nedovyesov is the seventh seed taking court in the competition while eighth seeded Facundo Argüello will be one of those in action as well.


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Posted: 6th June 2016

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