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The Milo Open is an annual clay court Challenger level tournament held in Milo, Bogota.


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This year's event will be the 10th edition in tournament history, and the organizers managed to lure in the country's biggest tennis talent (probably in its history), world number 52 Victor Estrella Burgos, who become the oldest maiden titlist in open era history earlier this season. It's very rare when a $50,000 event like this can bring in a talent like that, but Burgos' nationality surely plays a huge part in this conundrum. There are other home grown talent in the main draw but obviously none of them comes with a ranking even close to what Burgos managed to accomplish. He is definitely the favorite to come out of the top half of the draw, and he could very well find himself facing the second seed in the final, Paolo Lorenzi. Saying that the Italian is a very accomplished Challenger level player, would be an understatement. With as many as 16 titles to his name, he is the most prolific Challenger level player, ever, holding the record over Younes El Aynaoui and Takao Suzuki, who both has 15 titles to their name.


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In addition to that 16 wins, Paolo Lorenzi also has 13 lost finals. Any of these two numbers (16-13) could grow this Sunday.


Posted: 2nd November 2013


Played under the name of Claro Open, the Bogota stop of ATP World Tour 250 series was made in July, from the 15th to 21st, at Centro de Alto Rendimiento, a hard surface court.


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The tournament results showed a shifting of the odds when Alejandro Falla, the home ground favorite for having made to the finals, lost to Karlovic, who was playing for his first ATP Tour title, and was only in his second game after a three month break due to viral meningitis. Falls, nevertheless, added his final entry in his records with a gloating smile.


Popisil, too, made a new worthwhile addition to his profile: his entry into the semi-finals after having beaten down by Falla thrice. South African titan, Anderson, also reached the semi finals, making South Africa a player of the semi finals for the third time, where he, however, dropped the guard against Karlovic’s moves.


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The total financial purse of the tournament was $727,685, out of which the winner received $638,085. The doubles champion turned out to be Purav Raja and Dijiv Sharan. The tournament, all in all, proved to be a huge success for the organizers and the records of ATP Challenger Tour as a whole.


Posted: 9th July 2012


The ATP Challenger Tour will head to Bogota, Columbia for the largest tournament of the week, the Seguros Bolivar Open, which is going to be played on clay July 9th through the 15th. This event is worth $125,000 and it will be joined by several other major challenger events this week. All of them will be played on clay courts, but the purse is much smaller on the rest of the tournaments. One of them is in Scheveningen, The Netherlands, and then there is another in San Benedetto, Italy and yet another eld in Timisoara, Romania.


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The number one seed for the Seguros Bolivar Open is Feliciano Lopez, who is currently ranked number 17th. Santiago Giraldo is the number two seed for this tournament and his ranking is 45th. Alejandro Falla comes in at number three, followed the fourth seed, Eric Prodon. Carlos Salamanca is the number five seed in this event, and then at number six will be Guido Pella, who holds a 205th ranking. The last two seeds for the Bogota, Columbia event will be Alejandro Gonzalez at number seven and Victor Estrella who takes eighth.


Posted: 11th July 2011


The ATP Challenger Tour goes to Bogota, Columbia this week, for the Open Seguros Bolivar, which is a tournament on the ATP Challenger Tour that happens from July 11th to the 17th, and is played on red clay courts for $125,000. This tournament has a singles draw of 32 and will be joined by several other tournaments on the ATP Challenger Tour, the Tour for the tennis stars of tomorrow, the same week. One tournament being played is in Sopot, Poland, which happens on clay, and then another $100,000 tournament happens in Aptos, California, and in Grandby, Canada on hard courts for $50,000.


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Feliciano Lopez is the top seed for this tournament, ranked number 31st, and Columbia's Alejandro Falla is the second seed. Paul Capdeville takes the spot of the third seed, and Haracio Zeballos is fourth, while Joao Souza is in fifth place. Izak Van Der Merwe is the sixth seed for this tournament and then Rogerio Dutra Da Silva is seventh while Brian Dabul is the eighth seed. Click on the banners on this page if you want to watch ATP and ATP Challenger events live from your computer. You'll get access to high quality streams by signing up at the links on this page.


Posted: 21st September 2010


The ATP Challenger Tour will head to Bogota, Columbia for a clay court tournament for $75,000 with several other tournaments happening this week on the Challenger Tour. Another tournament will be held in Turkey, and Slovenia as well as a Slovakia tournament and a Thailand event. This tournament will happen September 20th through the 26th, and it is called the Copa Petrobras Open. You can watch the ATP Challenger Tour live right from your computer as well as other tennis streams. You'll get access to our member's area immediately.


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The top seed for this event is Ramon Delgado who will face Martin Alund from Argentina and then the second seed will be Jaoa Souza, who hails from Brazil and who will take on Alejandro Gonzales from Columbia in the first round. Then we have the number three seed, Carlos Salamanca, who is also a hometown boy from Columbia and who will be facing German Martin Emmrich. Then, we move onto the fourth seed, Marcos Daniel who is from Brazil and who will be taking on Gero Kretschmer from Germany.


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The fifth seed for this tournament is Izak Van Der Merwe from Russia, and the sixth seed is Kevin Kim from the United States. Kevin Kim's first round opponent will be Reda El Amrani. Then, we have the seventh seed of the ATP Challenger Bogota, Andre Begemann from Germany and the number eight seed, Carlo Zampieri from Brazil. You can watch the ATP Challenger Tour live from your computer in high quality video. You'll get instant access to streaming video of tennis live. Click on the links on this page for access.


Posted: 12th July 2010


The ATP Challenger Tour goes to Bogota, Columbia for their next event, which will be held July 12th through the 18th and will be officially titled the Seguros Bolivar Open, held on red clay courts for a prize purse of $125,000. The ATP Challenger tour showcases tennis talent low on the ATP totem pole for now, but many are climbing. If you want to watch this event, get your membership at the links on this page and sign up for access to high quality video right from your computer. Click on the banners on this page for your membership.


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Let's take a look at the talent that is lining the field for the ATP Challenger Bogota. The top seed for the tournament is Santiago Giraldo, who is from Columbia and will be facing off against Matteo Viola from Italy in the first round. Second seed for the Seguros Bolivar Open is Alejandro Falla, also from Columbia who is going up against Paul Capdeville from Italy in round number one. Our third seed is going to be Marcos Daniel who hails from Brazil. His opponent in the first round is Leonardo Tavares from Portugal.


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The rest of the seeds are as follows. The fourth seed for this Bogota, Columbia based tournament is Nicolas Massu from Chile, fifth seed is Joao Souza, and the sixth seed is Andre Begemann. Seventh seed is Carlos Salamanca and eighth seed for this tournament is Santiago Gonzales, who hails from Mexico. Get your membership now to watch this tournament live right from your computer. You can sign up by clicking on any of the banners on this page. Don't miss the Seguros Bolivar Open, from July 12th to the 18th.


Posted: 5th April 2010


The ATP World Tour will have a Challenger Tournament next week in Bogota, Columbia with the Bancocolumbia Open, April 5th through the 11th, 2010, which will be be played on Clay Courts by some of the rising stars of the Association of Tennis Professionals World Tour and this tournament is worth $125,000 to the participants and takes place with a singles draw of 32. You can watch this event live by getting your membership at any of the banners on this page, by clicking on the links, and getting instant access to high quality streaming video of the event.


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Top seed for this event will be Alejandro Falla, who is a native of Columbia, and facing a qualifier in the first round of the tournament, with the second seed Santiago Giraldo, who is also from Columbia and will face German Tennis player Dominik Meffert in the first round. Your third seed will be Paolo Lorenzi from Italy, against Ricardo Hocevar from Brazil in round one and the fourth seed will be Nicolas Lapenti from Ecuador. Fifth and sixth seeds for the Bancocolumbia Open are Ricardo Mello and Thiago Alves.


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Seventh seed is Kevin Kim, who hails from the United States and will go up against Philipp Oswald in round one, and eighth will be Joao Souza from Brazil. Your Wildcards for this exciting event are going to be Juan-Sebastian Gomez, Eduardo Struvay from Columbia, Juan-Sebastian Cabal and Carlton Fiorentino. You can watch this ATP Challenger event from Columbia starting April 5th by getting your membership to high quality video coverage at the links on this page, to watch on your computer, from anywhere in the world.


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Posted: 2nd November 2015

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